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  • Design Methods for Reflux Condensers

    Reflux condensers have become increasingly important to eliminate condensable organic components from plant off-gas streams and meet environmental requirements. Recognizing this need, HTRI conducted an experimental and analytical study in the late 90s to predict flooding, as well as heat transfer and pressure drop in vertical intube reflux condensers.

    Zhi Hua (Frank) Yang
  • Avert Oxidation

    Nitrogen can serve as an inert barrier to prevent heat-transfer fluid from contacting atmospheric air through the expansion tank

    Zak Shums,* Liquid Process Systems Inc.
  • Motor Selection Made Simple

    Follow these straightforward steps to help you select the right motor for your centrifugal pump

    William McNally
  • Potential Places for Wireless in Safety

    Wireless has the potential to improve plant safety where wired systems are impractical.

    William L. Mostia, PE, Fellow, SIS-TECH Solutions, for our sister publication Control Global
  • How Do You Train a Process Manufacturing Plant Operator?

    Sybron Chemicals had the right idea when it sought to properly document the procedures for its wastewater treatment plant. The first step for improving both employee and plant efficiency is to have an up-to-date plant manual.

    William Biach, Biach Information Arts
  • Are Companies Whitewashing Green Efforts?

    Companies claim they are sustainable, but what does that really mean?

    Web-Exclusive Columnist David L. Russell, P.E., Global Environmental Operations Inc.
  • Tanks: What's in store?

    Technical and regulatory developments in tank construction prompt changes; operations and maintenance receive greater emphasis.

    Wayne Geyer
  • Ultrasonics makes sound progress

    Learn about how ultrasonics can enhance crystallization, as well as other plant operations.

    Wayne Genck, Genck International
  • Crystallization Design: It's Crystal Clear

    An extremely selective process, crystallization can be a powerful separation tool. But, to optimize product, you must clearly understand and precisely control the process.

    Wayne Genck
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