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  • Make Some Alarming Moves

    Tackle distractions that impair operator performance and process efficiency.

    Todd Stauffer, exida consulting, and Kim VanCamp, Emerson Process Management
  • Avoid blending blunders

    Selecting the correct device is crucial to successfully handling solids. It must deal with discrete pieces that have physical size, electrical properties, frictional differences and surface characteristics that can change with the environment.

    Tom Blackwood, Healthsite Associates
  • Clamp Down on Clumping

    First understand what’s really causing the problem.

    Tom Blackwood, Healthsite Associates
  • Don’t let phase changes faze you

    Phase changes in the downstream processing or handling of solids cause many process problems that have inexpensive solutions.

    Tom Blackwood, Healthsite Associates LLC
  • Optimize pump life cycle

    Understanding an operating system reduces costs and improves reliability. Getting the most out of your pump demands a well-thought-out, holistic strategy.

    Tom Carsten and Barry Erickson, Flowserve
  • How hydraulic modeling can improve the efficiency of your pump systems

    In spite of their large operating cost, most pump systems are inefficient by design. Among the common design problems are non-optimal pipe sizing, control valve utilization and, perhaps most common, incorrectly sized pumps. How a pump operates depends on the system, so improvements must focus on the system as a whole.

    Tom Glassen
  • Consider Air Seals Advantages

    They offer a number benefits over packing for sealing rotating equipment

    Tom Horner and Neil Hoehle, Inpro/Seal
  • Check Out Our Redesign

    You’ll find the website more intuitive as well as mobile-device friendly

    Traci Purdum, Senior Digital Editor
  • We Want to Know

    Take part in Chemical Processing’s polls about key issues facing industry and engineering

    Traci Purdum, senior digital editor
  • Look Back To Move Forward

    Here’re the most viewed items of 2008 on

    Traci Purdum, senior digital editor
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