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  • Pick The Proper Dust Collection System

    The proper dust collection system design and filtration technology can minimize your compressed-air-system energy usage and maximize your operational savings.

    Travis Haynam, United Air Specialists, for our sister publication Plant Services
  • Team Up to Save Energy

    Collaborating with local utilities can further reduce energy costs.

    Ven V. Venkatesan, Energy Columnist
  • Changes Can Monkey Wrench Motors

    Many factors go in to the decision whether to repair or replace a motor: cost of the repair, cost of the new motor, expected lifespan, availability of a new motor, and efficiency of the exiting motor.

    Leah Friberg, Fluke, for our sister publication Plant Services
  • Maintenance Gets a Makeover

    Asset management software is spurring more proactivity and greater efficiency.

    Seán Ottewell, Editor at Large
  • Cut Air Consumption, Part II

    This case study concludes with highlights of the actions taken to correct inefficiencies in a compressed air system that resulted in annual energy savings of $500,000/year at Solutia's Greenwood, S.C., plant.

    Ven V. Venkatesan, Energy Columnist
  • Cut Air Consumption, Part I

    Case study highlights common energy-efficiency problems in compressed air systems.

    Ven V. Venkatesan, Energy Columnist
  • BASF Reveals R&D Strategy

    New research centers and energy-related initiatives will receive emphasis.

    Seán Ottewell, editor at large
  • Consider Natural Gas

    Switching to the fuel may make sense even for sites far from pipelines.

    Steven T. Carty, Kleinfelder, and Stephen J. Lynch, M+W Automation
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