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  • Clamp Down on Clumping

    First understand what’s really causing the problem.

    Tom Blackwood, Healthsite Associates
  • Understand All the Costs of Gas Leaks

    Excessive energy consumption is just one of the economic penalties.

    Bruce Gorelick, Enercheck Systems, and Alan Bandes UE Systems, Inc.
  • Minimize Blending Time

    Calculating the time actually needed can lead to economic and operational benefits.

    David S. Dickey, MixTech, Inc.
  • Look at Liquid Bypass

    Such process-side control of tubular exchangers offers advantages.

    Cecil L. Smith, Cecil L. Smith, Inc.
  • Nix Nozzle Nuisances

    Avoid flow problems by considering the impact of inlet losses.

    Andrew Sloley, Contributing Editor
  • Streamline Your Sampling System

    Selecting the right stream selection assembly can improve performance.

    John Wawrowski, Doug Nordstrom and Joel Feldman, Swagelok Co.
  • Valves Evolve

    Advances in valve-control materials, design and construction improve performance, reduce costs and simplify maintenance.

    By Sheila Kennedy, Contributing Editor, Plant Services
  • Capture The Big Three

    Achieve energy efficiency, reliability and profitability by properly selecting and operating pumps.

    Hydraulic Institute members and Pump Systems Matter sponsors
  • Getting Up to Smart Speed

    Use Variable Speed Drives to Save Money, but Gain Even More by Thinking Strategically and Picking Projects Carefully

    David W. Spitzer
  • Ban the Leaks

    Choose a ball valve with leak-tight seals to curb fugitive emissions.

    Michael Adkins and Pete Ehlers
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