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  • Catalyst Screening Gets Faster

    Automated chromatographic alignment enhances high-throughput testing

    Mark Krawczyk, Charles P. McGonegal, Matthew J. Schmidt, Mike McCall and J. W. Adriaan Sachtler, UOP, and Martin Plassen, Arne Karlsson and Elisabeth M. Myhrvold, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
  • GC Stands For Greater Control

    Smaller instruments, faster analyses and smarter software will extend gas chromatography's role.

    Brian G. Rohrback, Infometrix, Inc.
  • Evaluate SMB Chromatography for Your Separation

    Here's a quick way to determine whether the technique suits your processing needs.

    Bruce Pynnonen, Shawn Feist, Yogesh Hasabnis, David Albers and Timothy Frank, The Dow Chemical Co.
  • Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography Offers Real Attractions

    A continuous purification technique, simulated moving bed chromatography combines high yields and purities with easy scale up and reasonable throughputs.

    Kathleen Mihlbachler, Eli Lilly and Company, and Olivier Dapremont, Aerojet Fine Chemicals
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