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  • Begin a Project Right

    A thorough process definition lays the foundation for a successful greenfield project

    Dale Feldhaus, SSOE Group
  • Simulation Saves Energy

    Modeling identifies opportunities to reduce energy use

    Seán Ottewell, Editor at Large
  • Virtual Reality Helps Field Operators Improve Performance

    Immersive high-fidelity 3D visualization now is starting to play a role in the training of operators and maintenance staff at plants. Here's a rundown of some initiatives already underway.

    Seán Ottewell, Editor at Large
  • Optimize Batch Distillation

    Proper design depends upon an understanding of key relationships.

    John E. Edwards, P & I Design
  • Modeling Speeds Capacity Expansion

    Simulation allows evaluation of more options more quickly.

    Prashant B. Kokitkar, Eli Lilly and Company, and Jonathan Kadane, Aspen Technology, Inc.
  • Don't Devalue Isometrics

    They sometimes can tell you a lot more than P&IDs

    Dirk Willard, Contributing Editor
  • Don't Model in a Vacuum

    Check simulator results against calculations using actual data.

    Andrew Sloley and Scott Henson
  • Profit More from Process Simulation

    The technology can improve a plant's bottom line in numerous ways.

    Grant Stephenson, Peter Henderson and Henry Schindler, Honeywell Process Solutions
  • Extend the Value of ERP

    Integration with manufacturing operations promises substantial benefits.

    Fred Reever, CISUG, and Frank Kochendoerfer, SAP
  • Consider Dividing Wall Columns

    These distillation units often can provide both capital and energy savings.

    John G. Pendergast, David Vickery, Patrick Au-Yeung and Joe Anderson, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Achieve Good Packed Tower Efficiency

    Proper design of liquid distributors plays a key role in getting the most from packings.

    Frank Rukovena and Tony Cai, Fractionation Research, Inc.
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