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  • Are you certain about uncertainties?

    Dr. Gooddata, therefore, recommends that we largely abandon the term “bias.” Instead, we will use the terms “systematic error” and “systematic uncertainty.” Systematic error is the actual error that exists between a measurement and the true value with zero random errors. Systematic uncertainty is taken to mean the estimate of the systematic error’s limits that we could expect with some confidence.

  • Acid scavenger prevents sticky problem

    Development of ionic liquids that exhibit useful and unique properties has created huge untapped potential for commercial applications to increase operating efficiencies of many chemical production operations.

    Dr. Uwe Vagt, BASF AG and Dr. Calvin Emanuel, BASF Corp.
  • 2006 Readers' Choice Survey

    The equipment, services and suppliers selected to make a job easier greatly contribute to on-the-job success. The Readers' Choice survey identifies the leading vendors in more than 40 categories.

    Ken Schnepf, managing editor
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