Keep heat-transfer-system repairs uneventful

A good plan is the key to avoiding risks in the maintenance of systems using high-temperature organic fluids.

By Conrad E. Gamble, Solutia Inc.

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Identify and correct source of excessive pressure

 Pump seal leakage

Fluid contains solids

Provide fluid filtration; seal flush.

“Dry” start-up

Ensure pump is flooded at start-up.

Fluid oxidation
at seal

Consider seal quench and cooling.

High vibration

Do hot alignment to reduce vibrations at operating temperature.

 Valve stem leaks


Replace packing; tighten packing.

Consider high-temperature,
graphite-based packings.

Consider bevel packing with anti-extrusion end-rings.

Heat exchanger tube leaks

Weakened connection of tube to tube sheet

Minimize thermal cycles and severity.

Consider welded, not rolled, connections.

 Expansion tank

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